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The city of Anantapur is located within the westernmost part of the state of Andhra Pradesh. This place is believed to be very famous among vacationers because the entire district of Anantapur is noted for its silk industry and holds quite a lot of history. Essentially the most noted tourist enchantment in Anantapur is the Lepakshi Temple. I always wanted to visit this place since a long time, so I quickly took online bus tickets from I simply was geared up to reach Anantapur from Hyderabad.

Anantapur is proudly referred to by as the locals here as the heritage haven of the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is one of the must visit destinations if you are a history lover and want to explore the beautiful history of the country. It is because of the presence of several heritage structures here that it sees lakhs of visitors from across the globe visiting Anantapur. It also serves as the headquarters of the Anantapur district and is also one of the only places where you can get a glimpse into the rich history of the country. Anantapur can neither be referred to as a metropolitan city nor a village. It is one of those places that is still seeing a rapid transition in progress. A stay here will give you an insights into the rich culture, tradition and values of India. Farming is not one of the typical means of livelihood here since it is the second such place in India that receives the lowest rainfall. Make sure to visit one of the most significant landmarks here which is the ISKCON temple visited by lakhs of visitors every month.  

The road distance from Hyderabad to Anantapur is estimated to be 356kms and takes around 8 hours by bus. I opted for an AC sleeper bus, as they are comfortable for long night travelling. Moreover, Hyderabad is well connected by roadways; buses mainly link most of the places frequented by tourists. Anantapur being one of the most preferred locations in Andhra Pradesh is easily accessed by bus from Hyderabad. I boarded the bus from Kukatpally pick up location in Hyderabad at 9:30pm and reached Anantapur at 4:30am the next day. The bus gave rest stops and ensured that all passengers were experiencing a hassle-free ride. There are a decent number of bus companies offering services between the two cities and creating ample amount of travel convenience for many. 

On the other hand, Hyderabad is the capital city of the state of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh of South India. Sitting on the Deccan Plateau and being one of the broad urban areas in India, it is well associated with road transportation. Sudden travel plans work out smooth when bus is travelling vehicle. The bus transport shall take you through varied landscape, lovely lush green fields and vibrant territories. 

As I reached the bus stop, I found my friend waiting for me. Overall, it was a great experience of bus travelling to Anantapur!

Yeshwanthpur is one of the popular areas in Bangalore. It consists of a very strong connectivity with the rest of the city. This place has a railway station, metro and bus station. Apart from having a smooth connectivity, it also consists of a wide range of hotels. Most of the hotels near Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore comes in various categories that offer ample amount of convenience to many commuters. Yet, the range of budget hotels does not fail to satisfy the basic needs of visitors. Anyone can easily book any budget stay at Redbus Hotels and opt for an ideal hotel within their budget. Booking a prior hotel room always keeps you tension-free and help to pick up a comfortable stay without straining your pocket too much. Do not forget to carry your booking confirmation copy on the day of travel.  

You can decide where to stay and visit all the places of attractions. Booking your hotel room in advance helps you to avoid hassles and decide the well-suited stay option while being in Yeshwanthpur. Visitors coming from different places prefer disparate categories of budget stays such as accommodations near railway station, near main city and stays surrounding commercial areas. Booking online hotels come with discounts, guest reviews and description of all service offerings and many more. There are a good number of hotels spread all across Yeshwanthpur, they all offer separate location and accessibility depending on their pricing and demand.

Here is a list of budget hotels in Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore for all those folks travelling on a tight budget. The suggestion of hotels below has been based on their location and service offerings. 

1. Cinnamon Residency: this hotel provides a wide variety of rooms in the category of AC and Non AC. The position of the hotel allows guest to access all the places of interests without any difficulty.

2. Sree Nandanam Residency: It is located close to the bus stand and offers clean bed and bath. They also provide good food, efficient service offerings and easy access to all other public places.

3. Nava Nidhi Comforts: All guests can experience opulent luxury all without burning a hole in the pocket. Easily reachable from all city locations like railway stations, shopping areas and many more.

4. Veekay Regency: The hotels property comes in a good location offering ample amount of accessibility to all major locations for the guests.

5. Deeya Suites: This conveniently located hotel property, which offers imperative amenities and well-appointed rooms for a pleasant stay in the commercial city.

Located in the Southern part of Asia, India is one such country that is referred to as the Land of Diversity. It is the only country in the world to have the deepest cultural routes and a mesmerizingly rich heritage. There are several things that you can do when in India and it won’t cost you much as it is one of the most budget friendly travel destination. The country is quite well known for its opulent forts and palaces which see more than thousands of tourists every year. A visit to India is sure to leave you mesmerized thanks to the crowded bazaars, notorious traffic, glaring music and the chaos. When in India make sure to visit the Baga beach which is located quite close to the Calangute Beach in Goa. Located 30 kms to the north of Panaji it is one of the most visited beaches of India and has been named after the Baga Creek. 

A rich sundry nation like India, which also feels proud for being home to vital heritages on the planet, it is only imperative that critical methods were and should be taken to preserve the earlier to set a wonderful illustration for the days to come back. Genially, the present and future generations, numerous museums curate and displays the historical past that represents the rich heritage. Buses are always a convenient way of travel all across India. Booking online tickets at redbus will definitely save your time and money. Avoid all various hassles, without difficulty get into a bus and just allow yourself to explore the roads leading to the vacation spot.

Whichever vacation spot of India you decide upon to discuss with, any traveller shall come throughout a museum exhibiting the golden historic days of the region. 

Additionally, no tour in India is well attained without paying a seek advice from to a museum of town that reflects the tradition and past of old India in an attractive manner. Many noted museums in India unwind tons of hidden actuality of past times.

1. Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai: It was developed to honour the visit of King George V, the Prince of Wales decades in the past. With abundant government and royal donation, the museum used to be styled as a combination of a plethora of Indian architectural styles.

2. National Museum Delhi: This is without doubt one of the most iconic museums in India and one in all its variety, housing numerous artefacts starting from the pre-historic to the trendy age. Correctly, not just spanning over these eras, the collection on the museum is spread over an enormous number of civilizations and religions. Amazing!

3. Indian Museum, Kolkata: Truly, a jewel in the record of probably the most illustrious museums in India, the Indian Museum is the oldest and the largest museum in the country. The museum residences of numerous galleries in with portions widely classified under archaeology, anthropology, artwork, economic botany, zoology and geology.

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Guntur to Bangalore has been recognised as one of the frequently taken bus route in Southern India, which is serviced by several renowned bus companies. Commuters willing to travel from Guntur to Bangalore preferably opt for buses, as they are traveller-friendly mode of transportation. Therefore, I took online bus tickets from redbus and travelled at ease from Guntur to Bangalore. This online portal helped to book tickets in an easy way and saved a lot of my time too. I would love to recommend it to me friends and family members as this might help them to get discounts and travel without facing any hassles. 

Guntur which is also a newly formed capital of Amravati and just35kms away is known to serve as the administrative and financial headquarters. If you speak to the locals here they will tell you as to how there are several distinctions to the name of Guntur. One thing that this city is known for is housing the largest chilly market yard in Asia. Based on numbers this place happens to be one of the most populated towns in Andhra Pradesh, thanks to the rapid industrialisation and commercialisation. Situated at the banks of river Krishna, the city takes complete credit for having the only Buddhist pilgrimage located in the southern part of India. The Amravati caves, the Nagarjuna Konda are all located here. Not only is Guntur the commercial and industrial district but it also happens to be the textile and transportation hub of India. Apart from this Guntur is known to have a rich history as several dynasties from the past have lived here making it one of the perfect places for history lovers. 

Bangalore being the capital city of Karnataka is recognized as a buzzing cosmopolitan city, also as the melting pot of various cultures. The excellent road connectivity and smooth bus system helps people to travel without any hassles. I boarded the bus at 2:30pm from Guntur and reached Bangalore at 5am the next day. The bus ride went on for almost 12 hours. I had opted for an Ac semi sleeper bus that was comfortable and came with clean interiors. The road distance from Guntur to Bangalore is approximately 624 kms and is spotted with many boarding points and stops along its journey. This makes it actually very convenient for folks commuting between the two cities.

In Bangalore, one shall find a lot of modern architectural works, many historical sites and stories of Indian dynasty as well as a pleasant weather, Bangalore is not only a home to engineers and researchers but is also one of the most attractive destinations for foreign tourists in India. I was visiting Bangalore for the first time, came here for a 2-days trip along with friends. The bus staff ensured safety and comfort of its passengers. 

The bus gave a number of rest stops where most of the commuters refreshed up. The journey by road was a tiring one yet the vehicle simply waved off all our travel woes. 

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Kota Semarang yang memiliki hari jadi pada tanggal 2 Mei 1547 ini dianggap sebagai kota pelabuhan energik yang berdiri di pantai utara dan cukup berhasil memanfaatkan lokasi utamanya. Memiliki campuran sentuhan kuno dan baru wajah Jawa. Dalam beberapa tahun terakhir, pariwisata di Kota Lumpia Semarang ini telah ikut andil besar dan menjadi tempat wisata populer dengan para wisatawan global datang ke sini untuk merasakan arsitektur colonial, tempat kuno Arab dan Tiongkok kuno. Untuk dapat merasakan arsitektur tersebut, tempat-tempat yang dapat dikunjungi yaitu Museum Perkembangan Islam Jawa Tengah, Museum Jamu Nyonya Meneer, Lawang Sewu, Candi Tugu, Little Netherland, Masjid Agung Jawa Tengah, Klenteng Sam Po Kong, Gereja Katedral Semarang, Vihara Mahavira Graha, dan masih banyak lagi. Ketika anda sampai di kota ini, pastikan untuk mengunjungi kantor informasi wisatawan Jawa Tengah, yang mana dekat dengan pasar Tiongkok. Sisihkan lebih banyak waktu anda untuk pergi berbelanja.


Pekanbaru merupakan ibukota dari Provinsi Riau dan merupakan pusat produksi oli terbesar di Indonesia. Kota yang berulang tahun pada 23 Juni 1784 ini memiliki reputasi dunia sebagai kota terbersih dan merupakan kota terbesar ketiga di Pulau Sumatera. Pekanbaru mempunyai satu bandar udara internasional, yaitu Bandar Udara Sultan Syarif Kasim II dan terminal bus antar kota dan antar provinsi Bandar Raya Payung Sekaki, serta dua pelabuhan di Sungai Siak, yaitu Pelita Pantai dan Sungai Duku. Pekanbaru terlihat berkembang pesat dalam beberapa waktu terakhir menjadi kota dagang yang multi-etnik, keberagaman ini telah menjadi modal social dalam mencapai kepentingan bersama untuk dimanfaatkan bagi kesejahteraan masyarakat Pekanbaru, dan masyarakat disini selalu dikenal mengikuti budaya Melayu. Ini mungkin bukan kota terbaik bagi para turis namun kota ini benar-benar penuh  dengan daya tarik. Nama kota ini berasal dari arti kata Pasar Baru. Karena terletak di Sungai Siak, kota ini menjadi salah satu perdagangan pelabuhan yang alami dan terbesar ini semua berkat aksesnya ke Selat Malaka. Kota ini terbentang luas sekitar 460 km persegi dan merupakan rumah bagi 8 juta penduduk. Kota ini sulit dikenali bagi orang-orang sebelum orang Amerika menemukan minyak di wilayah tersebut pada tahun 1930. Pekanbaru juga berfungsi sebagai titik transit utama bagi para penumpang yang travelling menuju Singapore.

Salah satu moda transportasi di Indonesia adalah bus, daripada merasakan macet belum lagi perjalanan masih panjang, banyak warga lokal disini yang menggunakan bus untuk travelling, selain barganya murah, anda masih dapat menikmati pemandangan sekitar selama perjalanan. Frekuensi bus juga cukup teratur dengan bus yang selalu datang hampir setiap 15 menit. Saya tawarkan kepada anda untuk memesan tiket bus anda dari jejaring situs redbus karena tiket bus sangat cepat habis terjual. Coba pesan kursi anda sebelumnya dan pilih kursi yang dekat dengan jendela dengan fasilitas AC. Memesan secara online memberikan potongan harga yang menarik dan anda dapat memilih berbagai pilihan jenis bus seperti ekonomi, ekspress, sampai yang berkelas. Perjalanan dengan bus akan membebankan biaya antara Rp. 50.000,- sampai dengan Rp. 200.000,- semua tergantung dari bus kelas apa yang anda pesan. Jika anda berpacu dengan waktu, saya akan merekomendasikan anda untuk memesan bus ekspress karena pemberhentian hanya dilakukan beberapa kali dan anda akan cepat sampai pada tujuan. Jika anda memiliki budget minim, saya sarankan anda untuk memesan tiket bus kelas ekonomi. Bus mewah memiliki kelas terpisah dengan fasilitas seperti kursi yang dapat bersandar, film, dan makanan ringan. Jadi pesan tiket anda sekarang dan bersemangat sepanjang perjalanan menuju kota-kota tujuan anda.

Anda dapat memesan bus yang menuju langsung dari Kota Lumpia Semarang ke Pekanbaru. Hanya ada satu Operator yang bernama Damri yang menjalankan rute ini. Tarif perjalanan akan berkisar antara Rp. 500.000,- sampai dengan Rp. 1.000.000,-. Perjalanan sangat nyaman dan menyenangkan ini semua berkat pemandangan yang indah selama perjalanan dan keramahan yang ditawarkan oleh petugas bus.

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Kerobokan adalah tempat yang dikenal karena daya tariknya yang menakjubkan seperti beberapa pantai terbaik yang ada disini. Tak ketinggalan hamparan indah pasir hitam bersinar yang populer di pantai Berawa dan Petitenget. Terumbu karangnya pun masih tetap terjaga dengan baik. Tempat ini cukup terpencil dan terletak jauh dari kehidupan yang kacau dan penuh sesak di Kuta dan Seminyak. Untuk dapat ke Desa Kerobokan Kecamatan Sawan ini, anda dapat menempuh jarak sekitar 20 menit dari Kota Singaraja.

Di bawah ini adalah daftar yang telah dikumpulkan dari beberapa tempat terbaik untuk melihat-lihat dan mencari pengalaman baru di daerah Kerobokan, terutama yang mudah dijangkau dari pantai di sepanjang jalan-jalan yang ramai dan terletak di tempat-tempat perkotaan yang baru.

Opsi Perjalanan: Bus adalah salah satu pilihan perjalanan yang nyaman di seluruh Indonesia, pesan tiket bus secara online di dan jelajahi jalan-jalan anda dengan perasaan bahagia. Memilih bus sebagai transportasi anda selalu dapat anda andalkan untuk mengurangi kerepotan dan menghemat waktu dan uang anda. Pilih bus dari daftar yang tersedia di situs dan pilih satu yang memenuhi semua kebutuhan anda.

1. Batubelig Beach: Untuk melihat pemandangan matahari terbenam yang indah dapat disaksikan dari lokasi pantai ini. Tempat ini dipagari dengan restoran-restoran besar yang agak sedikit berjarak dan merupakan tempat alternatif ke Seminyak. Ada bar lokal yang menjual minuman dingin tepat di atas pasir yang sedang anda pijak. Pantai ini adalah salah satu tujuan paling dicari di Indonesia. Tempat ini telah diketahui dapat melayani para traveler dari segala usia dan terletak di pantai barat daya pulau Bali. Pantai ini memberikan semua yang anda minta pada liburan yang sempurna anda dan merupakan salah satu tempat terbaik jika anda bepergian dengan teman dan keluarga. 

Meskipun pantai ini sepi, ada beberapa villa eksklusif dengan harga yang terjangkau di sini. Ada juga beragam restoran dan bar untuk bersantap dan untuk hiburan anda.

2. The Escape Hunt Activity: The Escape Hunt Experience Bali adalah kegiatan rekreasi di dalam ruangan yang bagus yang berada di daerah Kerobokan. Tempat ini membuat anda memiliki waktu yang menyenangkan dan sepenuhnya dapat meremajakan anda dengan beberapa latihan otak yang baik untuk anda dan tim anda yang dapat dilakukan hingga lima orang. Selama permainan, pemain dikunci di dalam sebuah ruangan yang sedikit didekorasi. Pemain harus menemukan petunjuk dan memecahkan puzzle agar dapat meloloskan diri dalam waktu 60 menit. Para pemain harus memiliki kemampuan yang tajam dalam penglihatan dan menggunakan pemikiran kritis untuk memecahkan masalah. Karena kombinasi yang unik ini, The Escape Hunt Experience Bali menjadi salah satu tempat yang tepat untuk aktifitas grup perusahaan atau perkumpulan sekolah atau universitas.

3. Primo Chocolate Factory: Primo adalah pabrik cokelat kecil di Kerobokan, dimana cokelat yang dibuat adalah buatan tangan murni dan berkualitas tinggi diproduksi dari biji kakao yang bersumber secara lokal. Seseorang bernama Pepe, seorang Italia yang memiliki kemauan kuat dan bekerja sangat dekat dengan para petani kakao di dataran tinggi tengah pulau ini yang memulai pabrik ini.

4. Pantai Petitenget: Ini adalah jalur pantai yang tenang dengan pasir gelap yang condong berwarna keemasan, tetapi dengan arus yang kuat membuatnya tidak cocok untuk dipakai berenang. Pantai ini berasal dari nama pura yang terdekat disini, yang mempunyai nama yang sama. Pantai yang dipenuhi dengan kedamaian telah menjadi tempat ideal untuk anda yang ingin jauh dari keramaian di mana anda dapat berjemur, joging, bermeditasi atau bersantai di samping pantai sampai matahari terbenam. Tempat ini juga masih mempertahankan pesona dan ketenangan kehidupan desa dan penuh pemandangan indah serta berbagai pura yang sudah tua. Dapat dikatakan perkembangan pesat pantai ini dalam beberapa tahun terakhir telah membawa beberapa villa mewah ke pantai ini yang menarik ribuan penduduk setempat dan para turis sepanjang tahun. Tempat ini menawarkan banyak pilihan villa yang lengkap namun masih dengan harga yang terjangkau.

Kakinada known as the ‘rice bowl of Andhra Pradesh’ and it is rich in culture with historical significance. Most importantly, this city is linked with Hyderabad via roadways. There a number of bus operators offering services between the two cities. I always wanted to visit Kakinada, one of the weekends; I came up with travel plans from Hyderabad. I booked online bus tickets from redbus and arrived at Kakinada on a Saturday morning. Bus transport being an advantageous and promptly accessible mode of travel, I lean toward buses rather than any other means of transports.

Travelling from Hyderabad to Kakinada by bus was a pleasant experience. The bus transport took around 10 hours to cover the distance of 486kms. I boarded the AC sleeper bus from Hafeezpet at 8:30pm and reached Jntu in Kakinada at 8:30am the next day. The bus came with comfortable sleeping arrangements; they provided pillows and blankets too. The bus gave rest stops and ensured complete comfort of its passengers. The bus passed through many broad highways, varied territories and amazing stretches of plantations. Make sure to visit Coringa Wild Life Sanctuary which is home to some of the largest mangrove plants here. You can explore more than 120 species of rare birds as well as a never ending species of flora and fauna. The sanctuary is also home to one of the most endangered white bat vultures and the long billed vultures. If you explore well you will come across several sea turtles and crocodiles. The place has a major fan following amongst the ecological tourist. The sanctuary is spread across 235 sq kms and is located in the delta region of the Godavari River. It was recognised as a sanctuary in the year 1978 with an intention of protecting the rich species of mangrove and wild life that this region is home to. Coringa is also famous for its salt water crorodiles and several salt tolerant species. Kakinad is one of the perfet blends of modern day life style and old world charm. One side of this beautiful place houses the wealthy cultural heritage from the past and the other side showcases rapid industrialisation. 

After travelling for long in the bus especially for an entire night, I empowered myself with some refreshing hot coffee at one of the rest stops. Although, the staff in the bus were extremely friendly and constantly assisted passengers in a polite manner. While travelling by bus just remember to carry your headphones and a few quick snacks to munch on, these will surely take away your boring times. As it was during the night time that I was travelling so most of the outside scenes were dark, still I had a nice bus journey experience!

I had plans to visit the stunning landscapes, view soothing river and significantly see the Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary. Once I reached Kakinada, my friend was waiting at the bus stop and we both walked together while chit chatting!

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Some people says that the history and trade of a city decides the snapshot and its type. Being the social capital of Maharashtra a lot may also be ascribed to the best historical past of this location, which has given the nation pioneers like Shivaji and Lokmanya Tilak. Some of the high getaways from Pune are the slopes and the forts around it. There are quite a lot of interesting recorded attractions simplest a short distance from Pune that can be noticeable over a pair days, in the occasion that you simply effectively put together your time proper.  Baroda or Vadodara as it is now known is also known as a “Cultured City”. The best time to visit this city is during the Navratri festival that is the 9 day festival when people dance around their diety Goddess Durga late until night.  This dance is famously known as “Garba”.  Local musicians play traditional songs and women and men dressed in traditional attire perform Garba in circles.  It is a site worth watching. This 9 day festival ends on the 10th day which is the Dashmi or Dassehra.  We got to see people burning the images, idols of Ravana which depicts the end of bad things.  

Alternatively, Baroda certainly overpowers because of its myriad attractions. Exciting history, bustling shopping streets and regional food are some of the attractive things that pull visitors to this place. Although, there are numerous ways of reaching Baroda from Pune, a bus ride will be the most exciting one, as you are going to surpass scenic hamlets, historic constructions and alluring fields.

Traveling from Pune to Baroda is quite convenient since it has some major bus terminals. I booked online bus tickets from REDBUS at cheaper rates. I opted for an AC Sleeper bus owned by H.K. Travels. The road journey turned out to be a pleasant one! I boarded the bus from Pune at around 7pm and reached Baroda at 5am.The distance between Pune and Vadodara (Baroda) is 420.0 kms by road. H.K. Travels bus was very clean and comfortable, it gave rest stops too.

There are many bus-boarding points in Pune like Padmavati Parking, Ashray Hotel, Shankar Sheth Road, Fatima Nagar, Wakadewadi, Nashik Phata, Chinchwad, Nigdi and many more. Travelling by bus is easy due to many bus terminals in the city. Besides, the smooth connectivity of roadways help commuters to take up a bus without any hassle. My journey by bus was amazing and the bus staff was very cooperative and helpful. 

Pune has been a lovely place in Maharashtra with rich Maharashtrian culture.  Pune is also one of the best education centres in Maharashtra. From Parks to historical monuments to architectural buildings to water bodies to temples and holy places you can find them all in this beautiful city.  The best time to visit this city is during the Ganesh Festival.  The entire city is lit in colourful lights for 11 days with people wearing their traditional attire and dancing to the rich traditional lazim dance. 

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This area holds a bustling scene with a number of shops and other public places. There are many bus depots in Sardar Patel Stadium, Ahmedabad and most of the surrounding areas consists of hotels. You can find all types of hotels near Sardar Patel Stadium Bus Terminus and book them online at redbus. Sardar Patel Stadium, Ahmedabad is an affluent region poised in the south western part of Ahmedabad. This place is filled with many corporate offices, shopping centres and many places of interests. Most of the travellers/tourists prefer to opt for a stay close to the bus terminus. All the hotels near Sardar Patel Stadium, Ahmedabad comes with benefits like clean bed and bath along with basic amenities. Usually, travellers seeking to stay in comfort and avail all types of convenience, Sardar Patel Stadium is an ideal area to accommodate. 

There are some advantages of booking online hotels near Sardar Patel Stadium, Ahmedabad, such as you can go through many types of hotels in the same area, read guest reviews and explore other requirements too. There are hotel stays are lined up in Sardar Patel Stadium suiting all types of budgets, makes sure that you don’t burn a hole in the pocket. It has a great connectivity with most of the Tech-parks and corporate sector. One shall find a wide range of restaurants, good shopping centres, movie theatre and hordes of people on the roads of Sardar Patel Stadium. The smooth movement of public transportation and communication makes it an eligible location for stay in Ahmedabad. Opting for this place as your stay option shall not disappoint you at all. You can easily find anything at your doorstep, while the range of accommodation comes with good facilities offering decent hospitality to the guests.

Here is a compilation of recommendable hotels in Sardar Patel Stadium, Ahmedabad. They can be booked online at a moderate expense. Simply decide your ideal stay suiting your budget and other demands too.

1. Regenta Central Antarim: It is located close to the corporate sector and offers personalized services to the guests. One can access al close by shops, restaurants and other places easily from the hotel.

2. Hotel Keshav: An ideal stay choice for travellers or vacationers as they offer high quality of services at a reasonable price. Besides, the hotel is in close proximity to the bus stations. The hotel creates great connectivity with the rest of the city.

3. Hotel Honey Bunny: The hotel property is located just next to the Sardar Patel Stadium bus terminus. The hotel offers Standard Rooms and Suites for comfortable stays for all category of travellers.

4. Hotel Kadamb Inn: The hotel property offers accommodation suiting all types of travellers. They also accommodate all categories of guests ranging from corporate to families. Besides, the location of the hotel serves as a great convenience for the guests.

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Ameerpet is filled with colleges and is a residential hub. Travellers/visitors usually opt to stay around Ameerpet due to various purposes. Disparate categories of travellers visit this place and they tend to book any of the hotels near Ameerpet, Hyderabad. This place is mainly known as the software-training hub in India. Students from all over the country come to Ameerpet to get training courses at low prices. Hence, hotels near Ameerpet, Hyderabad comes in various categories and they can be booked online at This helps to choose an ideal accommodation at relatively discounted rates.  Besides, avail exciting discounts and cashbacks on online hotel booking! After all, a comfortable rest place is a necessary requirement of every traveller!

There are various types of hotels in Ameerpet, Hyderabad ranging from luxury to budget ones. You can choose the one that fits you well. To make the task easier, I have compiled an array of hotels (various types) here that provides convenient accessibility to all places of interest and proximity to public places too. All these hotels comprise of basic amenities and their cordial staff help to make a comfortable stay experience. Easy reachability to bus stop, shops, restaurants and other public locations are given priority, as these are some of the elementary requirements of most travellers or guest staying in hotels.
The list of hotels in Ameerpet has been mentioned here, depending on their ratings, reviews and location. This will be of great help to visitors who will be visiting the vibrant city.

1. Hotel New SreeKrishna Residency: this is an ideal budget stay within the Ameerpet area. It is conveniently accessible from areas like the bus stop, railway station and shops. They also offer neat and clean room services.
2. The Crown Hotel: Situated close to the bus stand and railways station. Visitors can easily access restaurants, shops and ATMs from the hotel. They offer neat and clean room facility for their guests.

3. Hotel Tanisha: It is quite famous among business travellers as the rooms are elegant at economical rates. The central position is close to major shopping areas. Especially for visitors who are on a shoestring budget must check out this hotel.

4. Hotel Seven Hills Residency: this hotel carries the legacy of the best budget hotel in this area. Apart from its finest staff and good quality services, the hotel offers a good location creating huge convenience for its guests. The hotel is situated on the main road with a parking facility; where shops, gym, bars, restaurants and retail outlets that could be easily covered by walking.
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